Tuition Assistance for Students in LESA-Member Schools

UPDATED: October 1, 2019

LESA Scholarship Funds for 2019/2020 have been exhausted at this time. Please contact the LESA office, 314.200.0790, before completing a scholarship application.

LESA’s scholarships offer financial aid to children from economically disadvantaged families who wish to attend LESA-member Lutheran elementary schools in the metropolitan St. Louis community. Our mission is to provide financial resources for children in need to obtain Lutheran Christian education in the metro St. Louis area. Since its inception, LESA’s scholarship programs have awarded 8,159 tuition-assistance scholarships to 3,272 individual students totaling over $5 million. Today, one of every ten students in LESA schools receives help with the cost of elementary school tuition through LESA's Scholarships. Our goal is to give financial aid to all who qualify and apply.

Funding for LESA's Scholarships is raised through LESA’s fund development efforts. The LESA Endowment for Scholarships provides base funding for tuition assistance, and that funding is supplemented by proceeds from LESA’s special events (A Night for Kids Dinner Auction each spring and Brew in the Lou festival each fall), financial gifts from donors, bequests, memorials and honorariums, corporate and individual sponsor-ships, matching funds from the LESA Board of Directors, and grants.

Families will qualify for some level of financial assistance from LESA's Scholarship Program or the Missouri District Scholarship Program (for students attending kindergarten-8th grade programs in Missouri LC-MS schools) if at least 10% of their adjusted gross income, as reported for the previous tax year, is used to cover the cost of their child's/children's Lutheran kindergarten-8th grade tuition. Families expending less than 10% of their income on Lutheran elementary school tuition will be considered on a case-by-case basis to provide assistance where extenuating circumstances exist.

Need-based tuition assistance is available to students in kindergarten through 8th grade who are enrolled in LC-MS Missouri District elementary schools through the Loftus Trust, a tuition-assistance fund gifted to the Missouri District. The application process and procedures, below, apply for families seeking funding from the Missouri District’s program. If your child is enrolled in a Missouri District school that is a member of LESA, only one application is required to receive consideration under both LESA’s Building Blocks and the Missouri District programs.


UPDATE: October 1, 2019

Missouri District Scholarship Funds for 2019/2020 have been exhausted at this time. Please contact the LESA office, 314.200.0790, before completing a scholarship application.

Application Procedure for 2020/2021 Tuition Assistance through LESA’s Scholarship, Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE), and the Missouri District tuition-assistance programs:

Scholarships do not renew automatically. Families seeking assistance with the cost of tuition through the LESA Scholarship, LASE, or Missouri District programs must apply for funding each year, as available funding varies from year-to-year based on each program's fundraising success; also, the number of students qualifying for assistance varies each year.

The LESA Scholarship, LASE Scholarship, and Missouri District Scholarship programs use the FACTS Tuition Aid Assessment online application process.  To apply for assistance, families must submit an online application at

In addition to completing the application and paying the application fee, families must provide 2019 federal income tax documents, or other documents requested by FACTS in the application verification process, to substantiate financial need. 

Applications submitted online no later than April 1, 2020 and verified by FACTS as complete by April 15, 2020, will be eligible for funding consideration. A “complete” application is one which has undergone a review process by FACTS that substantiates financial information provided by the family in the online application process with the income documentation the family provides after the application is submitted and has been verified by FACTS. In addition to notifying school administrators, families will be notified by May 31, 2020 directly by LESA staff regarding LESA Scholarship and Missouri District Scholarship award determinations, and directly by LASE for tuition assistance through the Lutheran Association for Special Education.  All applications received after April 1 will be considered on a case-by-case basis if funds remain following the May awards.

1. All applications will be submitted ONLINE through FACTS.

2. To submit an application, each applicant family is required to pay a $35 fee; however, if parents of the student(s) are divorced, each household must submit an application.

3. Please do not hesitate to contact the LESA office at 314-200-0790 if you have questions on the LESA Scholarship or Missouri District Scholarship programs or the LASE office at 314-268-1234 if you have questions on the Lutheran Association for Special Education tuition-assistance program.

4.  FACTS service representatives are available to answer questions on the FACTS online application or required documentation.  They may be reached by telephone at                866-441-4637 Monday - Thursday from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM  or Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

5. Once your online application has been submitted, remember to immediately submit the required income documentation to FACTS (2019 W-2’s and 2019 federal income tax form,  as well as any other information the FACTS auditors request to confirm information submitted on the application) , following the instructions on the application screen. Income documents may be uploaded to your application using a scanner or mobile device.

6. Only those applications that are submitted online by midnight April 1, 2020 and are verified as "complete" by FACTS by April 15th, 2020 are eligible to receive consideration for the May 2020 awards.

7. Upon completion of application review and award determinations by the Scholarship Awards Committees, school administrators and families will be notified of LESA’s Scholarship and Missouri District award decisions by May 31, 2020 directly by the LESA office.  Families submitting applications for LASE tuition assistance will be contacted directly by May 31, 2020 by the LASE office of those award determinations.

For more information on the LESA Scholarship or Missouri District Scholarship programs,
email Maureen Gersman ( or Sue Nahmensen ( or call 314-200-0790 with your questions.
Questions on the LASE scholarship program should be directed to Diane Stout at or by calling 314-268-1234.