Christ Community Lutheran School

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Date: Jul 10 2020
Category: Metro West
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Tags: Kirkwood, Webster Groves
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Christ Community Lutheran

Christ Community Lutheran School is called home by over 700 students ranging from age 6 weeks through 8th grade. Our multi-campus setting inspires community with age-appropriate peers. Driven by our vision of transformed lives through Christ-centered education, CCLS is a community that holds Christian values at the heart of our everyday activities. At CCLS, we consider ourselves partners in the effort to educate your children, nurture their faith, and equip them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. It is a mission that has lasting impact–long beyond this lifetime!

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Rev. Dr. Matt Hoehner, Executive Director


Leanna Butterfield, Director of Enrollment


110 West Woodbine
St. Louis, MO 63122

Phone: 314-822-7774
Fax: 314-822-5472


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