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Introducing the 2024 Student Christian Award Winner

Congratulations to Skylar Lewis, sixth grader at Word of Life Lutheran School for being selected to receive LESA’s 2024 Student Christian Leadership Award!

Skylar embodies the essence of Christian leadership through her boundless compassion, unwavering faith, and dedication to serving others. As a beacon of kindness and positivity, Skylar’s infectious smile and welcoming spirit uplift those around her, leaving a lasting impact on her school, church, and community.

Skylar’s upbringing as the child of church workers instilled within her a sense of duty towards serving others. Whether it’s extending warm invitations to young visitors at church, playing violin, or assisting with various tasks during worship services, Skylar’s commitment to her faith shines through in every action she takes.

Beyond her church community, Skylar’s heart for service extends to her school and neighborhood, where she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels included and valued. Through her involvement in programs such as St. Trinity’s Homework Help and Vacation Bible School, Skylar selflessly dedicates her time and talents to supporting her peers, particularly younger students in need of guidance and assistance.

Skylar’s leadership extends beyond service projects, as evidenced by her active involvement in extracurricular activities such as track, volleyball, student council, chess club, and school musicals. Despite her busy schedule, Skylar remains steadfast in her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

At the core of Skylar’s leadership is her unwavering faith and reliance on Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Guided by this scripture, Skylar exemplifies the qualities of a true Christian leader, from extending kindness to strangers to offering support to her peers in times of need.

Skylar is the daughter of Rev. Dave and Heidi Lewis, who both serve our Lord at St. Trinity Lutheran Church as pastor and DCE.  LESA is pleased to recognize this Christian young lady with a $500 award for her efforts.

Congratulations to our Spring
2024 Youth Coding League Winners!

Popsicle Penguins

Two “Community Favorite” awards and one “Technical Merit” award for Zion Belleville’s teams, under the direction of Coach Janelle Mueller! Congratulations!

Key Lime Pie

Top Scorers

Elliot, Second Place Middle School Top Scorer from Zion Lutheran School Belleville

Recognizing Our Epic Educator!

Congratulations to Coach Andrea Bohnert, Youth Coding League Coach for Holy Cross Lutheran School for recognition as “Epic Educator.”  We’re proud of you!

Our Youth Coding League Teams

Christ Community Lutheran School
Fifth & Sixth Grade Team: 22 coders

Immanuel Lutheran School–Wentzville
Fifth & Sixth Grade Team: 5 coders
Seventh & Eighth Grade Team: 18 coders

Messiah Lutheran School
Seventh & Eighth Grade Team: 9 coders

Zion Lutheran School–Belleville
Fifth & Sixth Grade Team: 14 coders
Seventh & Eighth Grade Team: 8 coders

Christ Community Lutheran School Youth Coding League Team

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