Photo credit: Kate Grumke, St. Louis Public Radio

Dee Leible, a teacher at Christ Community Lutheran School, has applied geospatial technology in the classroom and ignited a profound sense of alignment with her interests. This year, she took the exciting step of introducing data analysis and mapping technology to her students, a decision that has had a lasting impact. Inspired by the transformative experience, Leible is now actively advocating for other educators to embrace this innovative approach.

The integration of geospatial technology into her teaching practice allowed for engaging discussions with her students, prompting them to delve into the significance of the data and explore ways it could contribute to a better understanding of our community, classroom, and the wider world. Leible’s passion for this educational method stems from its ability to empower students to make meaningful connections and actively participate in shaping their environment. These are the type of educators who make Lutheran schools an amazing experiences for our students. Read Kate Grumke’s full article on